A Values Based Education

Three Tips for Using Online Rhema Courses to Supplement Your Child's Education

by Allan Martin

While many parents emphasize the importance of academics, fewer parents know how to help their children grow up feeling strong in their faith. Attending church services regularly and sending your teen to a Christian summer camp can help your child define their beliefs, but you should also consider the benefits of options such as online rhema awareness courses. 

Rhema courses help individuals explore their personal relationship with God and the tools of the Christian faith while creating positive Bible study habits that can last a lifetime. Although most classes are aimed at adults, teens can also benefit from taking them. Here are some things you should keep in mind when enrolling your teen. 

Try to Find a Young Group or Buddy to Enroll With

Since there is a good chance that many of the others enrolled in the same online class as your teen may be adults, it is a good idea to find a friend their age they can enroll with. This will give them extra support when discussing materials and also give them someone who understands the obstacles of living their Christian beliefs in a uniquely teen experience. 

Consider Taking a Course With Your Child

If your teen does not have any friends who want to take the course, consider enrolling together. Discussing the material can grow your relationship with your child while you both grow your relationship with God. This bonding experience will show that your Christian beliefs are important in your own and life and will give you an opportunity to discuss how you apply your beliefs in your personal and professional life, which can be a useful example for a teen on the cusp of adulthood. 

Choose Appropriate Pacing 

Most modern teens have a lot going on between school, their social life, and extra-curricular activities. It's important to make their spiritual education something they can turn to for relief and comfort rather than something that adds more stress to their life. You may want to choose either a slow-paced course or an individually paced course that allows your teen to decide when they are ready to move on to the next lesson. 

Many teens are ready to delve deeper into spiritual teachings, and it is a common age for people to question their beliefs. Enrolling your child in a rhema school can give them the support they need during these difficult years, but only if you know how to support them through the course.