A Values Based Education

The Appeal of Sending Your Children to a Private Catholic High School

by Allan Martin

As a parent, you want to provide your children with the best educational foundation possible. You may have concerns about sending them to public high schools. You know that many public schools struggle with issues like safety, funding, and small classroom sizes.

You also may not like that public schools cannot incorporate elements of your religious faith in their everyday curriculum. Instead of settling for public educations for your children, you can send them to a private Catholic high school.

Daily Religious Lessons

One of the major differences between a Catholic high school and one that is publicly funded is the fact that it offers daily religious education lessons. In fact, catechism lessons are often mandatory in Catholic schools. Your children will learn to study the faith and doctrines of the Church during every year that they are at the Catholic high school.

They also will typically start their school day with a Mass, which may be mandatory even for students who are not Catholic. When you prefer that your children attend Mass daily, you can ensure that they are exposed to this religion by sending them to a Catholic high school.

Ample Funding 

The typical Catholic high school also may have more funds available to it than its public high school counterparts. It does not have to worry about applying for or receiving grants from the government each year to pay for resources like computers and textbooks. It receives its funding in part from the tuition that parents pay, as well as grants that the diocese or archdiocese that it is located in gives it. The school staff may have the ability to buy new books and computers for students to use, or they may have the funding to pay for extras like field trips.

Smaller Classroom Sizes

Finally, it is not uncommon for the typical Catholic high school to limit the number of students that it permits to attend each year. This limited student body size means that classroom sizes are smaller than those found in public high schools. Your students can benefit from more one-on-one time with their teachers because of fewer students in their classrooms.

A Catholic high school can offer advantages over public high schools. It can legally incorporate catechism lessons in its curriculum and start each day with a Mass. It also receives more funding through tuition payments and limits the number of students admitted each year.