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3 Benefits Of All-Boys Schools For Parents To Discuss With Sons

by Allan Martin

All-boy private high schools have a lot to offer adolescent boys. However, some boys may have some initial reservations about the idea of attending a single-sex school, especially when their hormones are guiding their decisions during puberty. Having proactive discussions about the benefits of all-boy schools can help your son make an easier adjustment. Here are three benefits you can bring up when talking to your son about all-boy private Catholic high schools:

1. Excellent Academic Advisement And Instruction

Many teen boys have big dreams for their future. Some boys want to become doctors or lawyers, while others would rather become scientists or artists. Your son can begin pursuing his dreams by working hard in school, and an excellent academic program can help. Parents can explain to their sons that all-boy private high schools offer a diverse range of classes taught by smart and hard-working teachers. Teachers and academic counselors can help your son pick the classes he needs to prepare himself for college and the ultimate attainment of his future goals.

2. Friends Who Relate To Their Experiences

Being a teenager is tough, and parents can't always understand what their kids are going through. The world has changed a lot since most parents were teenagers. Technology and social media are more prevalent than ever before, giving teens many more challenges to navigate. At an all-boy school, teen boys can meet friends who relate to their experiences of adolescence. Boys will have a lot in common with other boys. They can share their experiences and help each other navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of adolescent masculinity. When talking to your son about attending private school, make sure to highlight the social benefits they can gain from the experience.

3. Freedom From Sexual Temptation

Talking about sex with your son can be difficult, but frank discussions of Biblical sexual morals can help teenagers make good decisions. Teenagers are likely to be ruled by their hormones, which can lead to bad decisions, such as taking part in premarital sex. The best way to keep boys from sexual sin is to remove temptation. All-boy private schools allow boys to learn in a single-sex environment where they won't be distracted or tempted by teen girls. This structure will allow young men to live according to their Christian morals more easily, as will regular chapel services that will expound upon the many virtues of living a Christian lifestyle.