A Values Based Education

The Benefits Of Enrolling And Sending Your Children To Private School

by Allan Martin

The public schools in your area might disappoint you as a parent. You may realize they are too crowded and lack the funding and safety you want for your own children.

However, you also may not want to homeschool your children. Instead, you may find it better to enroll them in and send them to a private school in your town or city. 

Better Funding

It is common for a private school to have better funding than its public school counterparts. In fact, a private school gets its funding from a variety of sources. It may use a majority of the tuition parents pay to send their children there to buy educational materials like computers or school books.

Further, if it is associated with a religious affiliation, such as a Catholic archdiocese, the private school may get additional funding from the parish or temple it serves. Parents who attend it may be expected to tithe the required amount each year to send their children to the private school. The tithes serve as an additional source of funding for the benefit of the school's students.

Smaller Classroom Sizes

Further, the private school you send your children to may offer smaller classroom sizes. Public schools are obligated to accept and find spaces for children who live in the neighborhood the school serves. This obligation can lead to large classroom sizes and overcrowding, resulting in greater strain and less individual teaching time for the teachers.

However, a private school typically does not have the same obligation. It can carefully screen and limit the number of students it accepts. Your children may be in classrooms with smaller enrollment numbers that allow them to learn better and have more one-on-one time with their teachers if needed.

Religious Instruction

Finally, you might appreciate your children receiving lessons in the catechism of your faith. You may want them to learn about your faith's tenets and practices. You may also want them to have the opportunity to attend church services and be led in prayer during a typical school day. This instruction can help prepare them for sacraments like confirmation they may undertake later.

A private school may offer your children a variety of benefits not found in public schools. The one you send your children to may have better funding and more educational resources for students. It also may offer smaller classroom sizes and better learning opportunities, as well as religious instruction, church services, and daily prayer.