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  • 3 Subjects Your Child Is Likely To Study At A Catholic Prep School

    20 May 2017

    If your son is going to attend a Catholic preparatory school next fall, then you might be interested in some of the subjects the school offers. A preparatory school is designed to get your child ready for college, so the curriculum will be heavily focused on traditional academics (as opposed to technical schools). As such, there probably won't be much focus on woodshop, electrical courses, and other such things. While most of the curriculum will be similar to secular preparatory schools, there are some differences in specific course offerings, both in terms of what classes are offered and what material is covered.

  • Five Essential Tips For Protestant Families Considering Catholic Preschools For Their Children

    14 September 2015

    If you are Protestant considering sending your child to a Catholic preschool, there are several things you should consider and questions you should ask before you commit to that school. While many Protestants have incredibly favorable experiences sending their children to Catholics schools ranging from preschool to college, others decide that isn't the right choice for them. Here are some tips to guide you: 1. Ask about theological instruction In a preschool setting, kids likely won't be studying the nuances of the Protestant Reformation or specific elements of canon law, but they will be addressing religion through a Catholic perspective.